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Digital Arts Pathway

Students who choose to pursue a designation as a Pathways Scholar in Digital Arts  must complete both a certain number of required electives and an internship, certification or capstone project.  The Pathway Map below identifies which electives count towards the Digital Arts  Pathway.  



Required Electives*


Recommended Additional Electives

 that count towards Digital Arts Pathway Credit


Grade 9


Digital Arts I - 9-12 (2 credits)

Digital Arts II- 9-12 (2 credits)**


Studio Art I - 9-11 (2 credits)


Intro to 3D Animation - 10-12 (4 credits)


3D Printing and Product Design - 10-12 (2 credits)


Business Writing and Communication - 9 -12 (2 credits)


Exploring Computer Science Programming - 9-12 (2 credits)

Graphic Novels - 12 - (2 credits)


Grade 10


Digital Arts III - 10-12 (2 credits)**

Digital Photography - 9-12 (2 credits) 


Grade 11


Digital Arts IV (4 credits)** Includes Photoshop Certification


Grade 12

Students must select a minimum of four credits from the courses below:


Honors Digital Capstone  includes optional Internship  (4 credits)**
Includes Adobe Illustrator Certification


Multimedia Design - 10 -12 (2 credits)


*Recommended sequence of classes 
**Successful completion of Prerequisite class required.  See Program of Studies for more information. 
*Number of  Required Credits - 16 Credits 
*Number of Total Credits for Certification -  22 Credits

25% of 88 credits required for graduation
Potential Career Paths: 3D Modeler, Book Illustrator, Comic Book Artist, Computer Animator, Game Level Designer, Graphic Designer, Layout Artist, Logo Designer, Medical  Illustrator, Multimedia Designer, Print Designer, Storyboard Artist, Web Designer