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    A Message from the Principal

    Welcome to North Pembroke Elementary School!  North Pembroke is one of the three elementary schools in Pembroke.  We currently serve more than five hundred fifty students ranging from preschool through grade six.  Our school has three preschool classes, three kindergarten classrooms, and four sections each of grades one through six. 

    We have a dedicated and talented staff here at North who are available to answer any questions that you have concerning the curriculum and daily instruction. Our staff participate in ongoing professional development opportunities during the year. The skills that they acquire in these sessions are put to use each day in the classroom setting.  This year we will continue the work that we started with the implementation of the Envision 2.0 math curriculum. The program is aligned with the common core state standards. It supports print, blended, and 1:1 digital learning experiences.  The teaching staff at all of the elementary buildings has participated in intensive training during the past year and remain ready to expose your children to this highly engaging math curriculum.

    The three elementary schools (grades K-5) will also be updating our curriculum in the area of science this school year in order to be in line with the Massachusetts NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). Grade six has already had an opportunity to roll out the curriculum to be in step with the middle school model. The district recently purchased the Interactive Science curriculum which is integrated, interactive, and inter-connected in order to provide students with a new way to looks at science.  Interactive Science offers an engaging, hands-on learning experience for students. The print and digital update of Interactive Science delivers the best in educational technology, and brings the fun back into class while building the skills students need to think like scientists and engineers.

    We are fortunate to have a very active Parent Teacher Organization. The PTO is comprised of parents and teachers. The goal of the group is to foster and enhance the educational experiences of the students at North Pembroke. The group provides this support through fundraising efforts as well as hosting various events throughout the year. The PTO has graciously funded much of the technology that is available for student use within the classroom. Our staff members have been busy taking coursework in the area of educational technology for the purpose of enriching their repertoire in the ever-growing area of digital learning.  Students are exposed to some of the most up-to-date educational resources and applications in the field of education that are available today. This increase in technology has also opened up additional ways in which we are able to communicate with students and families. Many of our teachers have set up online forums where students are able to digitally converse with each other and problem solve as independent learners when completing assignments at home.  Parents find these forums beneficial in allowing them to keep up with the sequence of skills taught and dates when projects are due. 

    The School Council is an organization that is made up of administrators, teachers, community members, and parents. This group guides the decision making as it pertains to new initiatives, supports the ongoing work of the school improvement plan, and updates school procedures as necessary throughout the school year.

    Students have the opportunity to assist in school decision making through their participation in the Student Council.  Students in this organization are primarily in grades five and six and are supported by two lead staff members. The group plans and supports school spirit opportunities as well as volunteering for various school events during the school year. Each of these groups help make North Pembroke the wonderful school community that it is.

    I am proud to be associated with such a wonderful school where a sense of community and partnership are evident in each corner of the building.  Parents, staff, and children all have a voice in the day to day running of the school and there are many opportunities for each stakeholder to participate in our school community.  I look forward to working with students, families, community members and staff this coming school year as your school principal.


    Michael Murphy, Principal