i-Ready Setup

  • Start of Year Setup

    Be sure math instruction is turned on for your class

    Turn on Gaming for Individual Students or for the Entire Class


    i-Ready Diagnostics

    Please Note:

    • Once started, students have 21 days to complete the diagnostic assessment or it will be reset and they have to start over.
    • You must assign the diagnostic to your class following the steps below.

     Assign a Diagnostic: 

    1. Select Assess & Teach from the top navigation.
    2. Select Assessment for the category.
    3. Select Reading or Math under Diagnostic or Diagnostic & Standards Mastery.
    4. In the Actions dropdown, select Diagnostic under Assign or Cancel. The corresponding pop-up will appear.

     Make sure to click the arrow after each step to move forward! 

    1. Choose Classes/Report Groups or Students.
    2. Use the checkboxes to select your population.
    3. Review your selections and click Assign Diagnostic (or Cancel Diagnostic if appropriate).