Test to Stay Digital Consent Form


    Unvaccinated individuals identified as close contact may consent to participate in the Test to Stay Protocol.

    What this entails:

    • Individuals would be tested each morning for five school days following the known exposure, using the BinaxNow rapid antigen test (lower anterior nasal swab)
    • Testing would be administered by our school health personnel.
    • Once the results are received (generally takes 10 minutes) students/staff would join their class for instruction.
    • Close contacts are advised to quarantine on weekends. By testing over a 5 school day period, close contacts would be monitored for the full 7 days outlined in the quarantining guidelines.
    • Unvaccinated individuals that do not wish to consent would follow the regular quarantine/testing guidance
    • Per the CDC/DPH, vaccinated individuals do not need to test or quarantine.
    • Identified close contacts vaccinated and unvaccinated must be masked at all times unless eating or drinking
    • When eating or drinking identified close contacts must be at least 3 feet from others
    • Individuals who are part of the Test & Stay protocol may participate in extracurricular/sports activities provided they are in compliance with the applicable protocol. For events and sports that take place on non-school days, testing will still be required on those days in order to participate.