Silver Lake VoTech High School  BUS 44

                                                 Bus lot # 781-293-5182 if needed


              Revised 9/17/21


    Leave lot @ 5:17a

    First pick up @ 5:35a (estimated times)

    “xxx” denotes crosser

    R Plain St

    L Valley St

    L Forest St

    Bear right to continue on Forest St

    R High St

    L Taylor St

    Cross route 53 to continue on Taylor St

    L Elm St (2nd stop sign)

    Bear right to stay on Elm St

    R Spring St

    L Hatch Mill Cir (loop)

    R Spring

    STOP 117 Spring St xxx 5:35a

    Crossover 4 way intersection

    STOP 27 Spring St xxx 5:37a

    R Oak St

    STOP 2 Elm St    5:41a

    L Church St aka route 139

    STOP CORNER OF BRICK KILN & SCHOOSETT ST- 46 Hamilton Dr gets on here xxx 5:44a

    R Washington St aka route 53 into Hanover

    L Broadway St at the light

    L Elm St (Hanover) becomes West Elm St (Pembroke)

    STOP Farmside Dr  5:51a

    R Dwelley St

    R Maple St

    L Stanford Rd

    STOP Corner of Stanford Rd & Dwelley St  5:53a

    L Dwelley St

    R West Elm St

    STOP 111 West Elm St xxx 5:57a

    R Oldham St

    R Country Club Cir


    Loop Country Club Cir

    L Oldham St

    R Wampatuck St

    R Mattakeesett St

    Exit roundabout 2nd right to continue to Mattakeesett St

    Stay straight at intersection to Union St

    L Plymouth St

    STOP 213 Plymouth St   6:12a

    L Center St (aka rte 36)

    STOP Owls Bluff Rd   6:19a

    Continue straight at light (intersection of 36 & 27)

    STOP 284 School St- 300 School St gets on here  6:22a

    L West St

    R School St aka route 27

    STOP Corner of Lydia Way  xxx 6:25a

    R Mattakeesett St

    STOP 420 Mattakeesett St   6:28a

    STOP Corner of Fairview Ave   6:28a

    Take 1st exit off roundabout to continue on Mattakeesett St

    L Wampatuck St

    STOP Corner of Bonney St xxx 6:31a

    STOP Corner of Pine Tree Ln xxx 6:31a

    R Oldham St

    STOP 17 Oldham St xxx 6:34a

    L Center St

    STOP 44 Center St  6:35a

    L Allen St

    L Old Center St

    R Center St

    STOP Corner of Elliott Ave-24 Elliott Ave gets on here  6:38a

    STOP Corner of Furnace Colony  6:42a

    L School St aka route 27

    L Monroe St

    R Hobomock St

    STOP 125 Hobomock St   6:46a

    L Standish St

    Bear right onto Forest     

    L Valley St

    R Blue Jay Way


    Back in to turn around

    L Valley St

    Straight across intersection

    R Plain St

    L Lake St

    STOP 176 Lake St xxx 6:56a

    R School St (rte 27)

    R on Plain St

    R Pelham St

    L Birch St

    STOP Corner of Copperwood Dr  7:00a

    STOP Corner of Redwood Cir  7:02a

    R Chapel St

    STOP Corner of Pine Mill Dr  7:04a

    STOP Corner of Chapel & School St  7:06a

    Continue straight

    R Pembroke St aka route 27

    L Lake St

    2nd L into Silver Lake HS drop off location

    PM done in Reverse