Mission Statement
  • Pembroke Public Schools:  Social Justice Goals

     Pembroke Public Schools is committed to:

    • Ensuring equity of access and opportunity for all students including those students and families who have been historically marginalized due to race, ethnicity, gender identity, disabilities, English Language Learners, and socio-economic status. 
    • Analyzing and evaluating curricular materials and instructional strategies for cultural responsiveness to support student achievement through excellence in teaching and learning.
    • Engaging students and families in support of social-emotional health and learning to reflect the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.
    • Reviewing and enhancing policies and procedures that may be negatively impacting historically marginalized students and or families.
    • Establishing and maintaining a process for equity self-assessment and implementation around basic needs, technology, mental health, anti-racism, academic support, inclusive practices, and student engagement.


    Pembroke Public Schools Mission Statement

    Our Core Beliefs

    We believe:

    • In creating and maintaining safe and inviting schools;
    • All children can learn and may demonstrate learning in different ways; 
    • Every student should contribute to our democratic society and the global community;
    • In making decisions and acting in the best interest of students;
    • Every member of the school community should be valued and respected;
    • In a school community that is ethical, civil, and respectful of individual differences;
    • In strong civic, business, and community partnerships that support student achievement.

    Our Goals

    LEARNING ENVIRONMENT -To provide a safe physical, emotional, and social environment for teaching and learning.

    ACHIEVEMENT -To produce high levels of student achievement through the development, coordination, and implementation of rigorous curricula delivered through quality instruction.

    INSTRUCTIONAL QUALITYTo create a teaching environment where educational innovation and best practices are valued, practiced, and evaluated.

    DATA-DRIVEN-To plan, monitor, and inform instruction through the use of student achievement data.

    COMMUNICATION-To enhance and strengthen open communication with all members of the community. 

     Our Critical Questions

    • What do students need to know, understand and be able to do? 
    • How will we know they have learned it? 
    • What will we do when they haven’t? 
    • What will we do when they already know it?

    Adopted 3/17/08  Revised 8/19/10


    Our Mission: To ensure student achievement through excellence in teaching and learning.

Pembroke Public Schools Social Justice Goals 2021-2023

  • Pembroke Public Schools: Social Justice Goals

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  • Mission Statement Focus Area: Social-Emotional Learning

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