• 2020-2021  South Shore VoTech   9:00am-2:25pm

      Bus Lot # 781-293-5182 call if needed.

    Pembroke Bus 7


    7:45 The Meadows

    7:49 111 Old Washington St

    7:50 Village Way

    7:54 Birch/Harvard St

    7:56 Colonial Way

    8:02 Pembroke Middle school

    8:08 Hobomock Ice Rink

    8:10 528 Center St

    8:11 West St

    8:13 Woodbine

    8:14 Bryantville Fire Station

    8:18 Lindys store

    8:20 Adams St

    8:25 Dwelley St

    8:28 178 W.Elm st

    8:30 High st

    8:35 Post Office/Water St

    8:40 183 Schoosett St

    8:45 Pembroke Woods

    8:49 Cross/Water


    2020-2021 South Shore Votech  Red Day 7:30am-1:00pm

    Pembroke Bus 7

     Leave lot 5:45

    R on Plain St

    L on Valley

    L on Franklin St

    L on Rt 53 Summer St

    L on Congress St

    L on Old Washington

             Stop@ Village Way (6:00)

    L on High St

    R on Forest St

    R on Standish St

    R on Lake St

             Stop@ Hobomock ice rink(turn into rink)  (6:10)

    L on Center St Rt36

             Stop@ 528 Center St ( bogs across st) (6:15) X's

             Stop@ West St (6:18)

    R at lights on Rt27

             Stop@ Woodbine (6:20)

    R at lights on Mattakeesett st

    R on Rt14 @ roundabout

    L on Wampatuck St

    R on Oldham

    L on W. Elm

    L on Dwelley St


    R on W. Elm

             Stop @W.Elm (6:35)

    L on Oldham

    L on Rt14

             Stop@ High St (6:39)

    L on Rt53

    R at lights on Rt139

             Stop @ 183 Schoosett St ( yellow house) (6:49)

    R on Oak St( Dunkin Donuts)


    L on Winter St

             Stop @ Corner (6:55)

    L @ island

    R on Oak St

    L @ lights on Rt139

    R on Cross St

    L @ fork on Water St

             Stop@ 1st driveway (7:00)


    R on Rt139

    R at Lights on Rt53

    L @ light on Webster st Rt123 (Assinippi store)

    L into school 2nd Driveway

    Drop Off side door


    South Shore Votech 2020-2021   Green Day  7:30am-1:00pm

    Pembroke Bus 7


    Leave bus lot 6:00

    R on Plain St

    R on Pelham

    L on Birch

    Turn around at Harvard

             Stop@ 202 Birch St(6:15am)

    R on Pelham

    L on Plain

             Stop@ Colonial Way (6:20am)X's

    L at corner store onto Lake St

    L on Rt 27

    R into Pembroke Middle school

             Stop@ small circle near bench (6:25)

    L on Rt 27

    R on Mattakeesett St

    Rt on Rt14 @ roundabout

             Stop@ Lindys (6:35)

    L on Wampatuck St

             Stop@ 2nd Adams Ave (6:37)

    R on Oldham

    L on Rt14

    R on Rt53

    R into Meadows(across from Christinas resturant)

             Stop@ Picket St (6:50)

    L on Rt53

             Stop @ post office(Water St)(6:54)

    Last Stop

     Stay on Rt 53

    L @ lights on Webster St Rt123(assinippi store)

    L into school-2nd driveway

    Drop off @ side door