• We are thrilled to partner with FirstView the transportation tracking app, again this year. Please note that this will not be available until bus routes are finalized. We project to have additional information, including the school codes, by mid-September.

    Real-time Tracking Disclaimer: The FirstView® Dashboard shows data that has been collected from the GPS device installed on a bus. There are many factors that may inhibit the ability to capture live GPS data. For this reason, the dashboard should be used as a tool to aid parents with bussing questions, and should not be used for route performance analysis.

FirstView®, a bus tracking and parent communications app

FirstView® by First Student: Getting Started

  •  Download the FirstView® Parent App

    Go to firstviewapp.com or find FirstView® in the App Store or Google Play. Follow the instructions to download the app to your smartphone.

    *You can also access the Parent App in your browser at web.firstviewapp.com

    Set Up Your Profile 

    Open the FirstView® app from your home screen and begin the registration process. You’ll be asked to:

    1. Select State/Province
    2. Select District

    You’ll then be prompted to REGISTER*.

    *Registration information pertaining to your student’s stop is provided by your school district.  You will need the code assigned to each school you are trying to register for. FirstView® Customer Support cannot provide this information to you.  If you did not receive a copy of your school code, please contact your school.

    Follow a Stop 

    Once you have confirmed your account, log in and select Profile to “Add A Student” with the information you received from your school district. Once you select “Done”, you will be able to see stop information in your Profile. The Scheduled Stop times will also appear on your FirstView® Map. You may track multiple students.

    Set Notifications 

    Go to Settings and select “Notification Recipients” to add email notifications for up to 3 recipients, including yourself. From this screen, you can also edit your Profile or follow another student’s stop. Alerts and notifications from your district or the bus depot will appear under Notifications in the menu.

     Set-Up Time and Distance Alerts 

    To set up alerts for when the bus is a certain time or distance away from the stop, go to Profile and select your student. You can set alerts for both AM and PM dispatch. These alerts will be displayed under Notifications in the menu.

    *To receive push notifications, you must allow your mobile device to receive notifications from the FirstView® app. You will be prompted upon downloading the app or you can confirm/update your settings within your phone’s app settings.

    Ask for Help or Give Suggestions 

    FirstView® provides a dedicated customer support team Monday through Friday to assist you:

    • Call toll-free 888-889-8920 from 7:00 a.m. ET to 5:00 p.m. ET
    • Email Customer Support at support@firstviewapp.com
    • Use the in-app button (right corner) to provide feedback