• Route 44—Silver Lake VoTech   AM

           Bus Lot Phone # 781-293-5182  please call if needed

    Arrive at lot at 5:30

    Leave Lot at 5:42am 

    Take a right out of the Bus Lot onto Plain St. 

    Left onto Valley St

    Left on Forest St

    Stay right to Continue down Forest St

    Right on High St

    Left on Taylor St

    Cross route 53 to continue down Taylor St

    Left on Elm St (2nd Stop Sign)

    In 0.25 miles bare right to stay on Elm St

    Right at Stop Sign onto Spring St

    Pickup at 117 Spring ST  5:55am

    Turn around on Hatch Mill CIR

    Go Right back onto Spring St

    Right at the Stop Sign onto Elm

    Pickup at corner of Oak and Elm , 2nd Stop Sign  6:00am

    Turn left onto Oak St

    Right onto Pleasant St

    Right onto Washington St

    Continue on Columbia Rd (route 139) Hanover

    Left onto Broadway (at light)

    Left onto Elm

    Elm becomes West Elm, Pembroke

    Pickup at corner of Farmside Dr   6:10am

    Right onto Dwelley St

    Pickup at corner of Stanford Hill RD for   6:18am

    Back up onto either Milford or Stanford Hill to reverse direction

    Go back on Dwelley the way you came

    Right onto West Elm

    Pickup 111 West Elm  **Crosses 6:23am

    Right on Oldham

    Left on Wampatuck

    Pickup Corner of Bonney ST  6:26am

    Right on Mattakeesett

    Take 2nd Exit at roundabout

    Turn left at intersection onto School St

    Pickup corner of Lydia Ford Way  6:32am

    Continue to traffic light

    Left onto Center ST at light, with YELLOWS on

    Pickup Immediately at corner of RT 27 and RT 36  (284 School ST, blue house on right) 6:34am

    First Left onto West St

    Right onto School ST

    Right onto Mattakeesett St

    Pickup at 420 Mattakeesett  6:38am

    Pickup at corner of Fairview and Mattakeesett  **Usually PM Only 6:39am

    Take 1st Exit at roundabout

    Pickup at 34 Mattakeesett St (condos) 6:43am

    Turn around in Stop and Shop parking lot

    Left back onto Mattakeesett St

    Pickup at corner of Wintergreen Farm Rd and Mattakeesett  6:49am

    Right onto Wampatuck St

    Pickup corner of Belle RD  Usually not on bus 6:52am

    Right onto Oldham

    Pickup at 196 Oldham  6:53am

    Pickup at 17 Oldham   **Crosses 6:54am

    Left on Center St

    Pickup at 44 Center St  6:55am

    Right onto High St

    Right onto Mountain Ave

    Pickup at 124 Mountain Ave  6:58am

    Left onto Center St

    Pickup at corner of Furnace Brook Colony and Center St  7:02am

    Left at intersection onto School St (Route27)

    Left onto Monroe St

    Right onto Hobomock St

    Pickup at 125 Hobomock St   7:07am

    Continue straight, turns into Lake St.

    Left onto Standish ST

    Left at split onto Forest

    Right onto Chestnut

    Pickup at corner of Claremont Rd  7:10am

    Back into Claremont to reverse direction

    Left onto Forest

    Right at split onto Standish

    Left onto Lake ST

    Pickup at 120 Lake St *crosses*  *might be at the next stop** 7:14am

    Continue to stop sign

    Straight at stop sign

    Pickup at 176 Lake ST  **Crosses 7:15 am(Can also be picked up on the way back from Kennie)

    Left at stop sign onto School St

    Right onto Kennie Ln (past Pembroke Middle)

    Pickup 24 Kennie Ln  7:16am

    Reverse direction by backing into Dewey Lane

    Left back onto School ST

    Right on Lake ST at bus lot

    Right onto Plain St

    Pickup 115A Plain ST **PM Only

    Right onto Pelham St

    Left on Birch St

    Pickup at corner of Copperwood and Birch  7:20am

    Pickup at corner of Redwood Cir and Birch  7:21am

    Right onto Chapel

    Pickup at corner of Pine Mill Dr 7:23am

    Continue straight on Chapel

    Bare left at fork (corner)

    Right on Pembroke St (Route 27)

    Left into High School Entrance

    Right at Stop Sign

    Drop at High School ONLY

    Take a right out of High School Lot onto Lak St

    Left at Stop Sign onto Pembroke St (Route 27)

    Pembroke St turns into School St

    Right onto Lake St (before bus lot)

    Left at stop sign onto Plain St

    Left into Bus Lot

    Park in either 1st or 2nd space at fence (you will see cones set up)