Set Up Your Laptop

  • Instructions for setting up your laptop at the beginning of the year or after it has been re-imaged are below: 

    Set Chrome as Default Browser

    • Click the Start menu at the bottom left of your screen.
    • Click the Settings icon on the left (looks like a gear)
    • Click Apps
    • Click Default Apps
    • Under Web Browser, click Edge
    • Click Chrome
    • Click Switch Anyway

    Log Into Gmail

    Import Favorites

    • Open Chrome
    • Click the button to Import Favorites
    • Select the file from your H Drive that you saved at the end of last year
    • Click Import

    Pin Icons to your Task Bar (bottom of your computer screen) for Easy Access

    • Pleaese right click and UNpin the Mail app on your task bar (looks like a white envelope).  It is automatically pinned at the bottom of your screen when you first log in.  We use Outlook as our mail app.  Follow the instructions above to set up Outlook.
    • Open other applications you use frequently and right click the icon in the task bar to pin them.

    Request Help

    If you need assistance with technology this year, please contact us: 

    Tech Help Desk Requests.