Print Your Transcript and Prepare for License Renewal

  • Print Your Transcript

    • Log into TeachPoint at  Click Sign in
    • The district ID is "pembroke", your username is your email address.  If you do not remember your password, click "Difficulty signing in".
    • Click the Graduation Cap.
    • Click the "My Activities" Tab.
    • Click the green "Transcript" button at the top


    Assign your PDPs to your License Categories

    • If your position requires a license, your license information is shown as a blue link at the top of the screen. Click it to view the requirements for renewing your license.
    • Click the title of an event
    • Click the green Choose Category button
    • Type the number of PDPs
    • Click the blue link under License to choose your license and the catetory to assign the PDPs to.
    • Click Done.
    • Click Save.
    • Now you can click on the license at the top of your screen to verify


    Click here for DESE Licensure Information