Evaluating Apps and Websites for the Classroom

  • When evaluating tools to use in your classroom, there are some important things to consider.  The information below outlines 5 main criteria to use when deciding if a tool is an appropriate tool to enhance teaching and learning.  This information was published by www.educatorstechnology.com.  

    Criteria for App and Website Evaluation:


    • Is it user friendly and intuitive?
    • Does it offer new ways to learn?

    Instructional Design

    • Does it support teaching and learning goals?
    • Does it have interactive features for feedback, assessment, reflection?

    Developmental Appropriateness

    • Is it age appropriate - content and interface?
    • Will it appeal to the age group?


    • Is it inviting and relevant?
    • Does it include gaming principles and motivating methods?
    • Does it help students connect learning with life experiences?


    • Does it cater to multiple learning styles?
    • Are there personalization features?
    • Is there a range of levels for differentiation?


    More information can be found at the links below: 



Infographic Illustrating Evaluation Criteria Outlined Above