• Clever Icon Clever is a Single Sign On (SSO) tool that will allow staff and students to have one location that stores all usernames and passwords.



    • To access Clever, it is highly recommended that you use Chrome and that you install the Clever Extension in your browser.  Open Chrome and Google "Clever Extension" then add it to your laptop.
    • Type the name of your school in the box
    • Choose the option to "Log in with Google"
    • Enter your Pembroke Google Credentials
    • The first time you click on any link in your Clever portal, you will be asked to provide your login credentials for that application.  Thereafter, you will be automatically logged in!

    Instructions and Tutorials

    After logging into Clever, you have access to Clever's extensive help menu and tutorials.  Please take a few minutes to learn about the basic features in Clever including creating classroms and adding your own apps.  For younger students, you can print Clever Badges which allow students to log into Clever by scanning a QR code.

    Click Here for Teacher Help and Tutorials

    See the instructions below for student use of Clever.


Students: Clever on Chromebooks


    • Students can log into Chromebooks with their Google username and password.
    • For elementary students, Clever is set as the default home screen and should appear automatically after opening Chrome.  If it does not appear automatically, have the student click the Clever Extension at the top right of the screen (blue background with a white C).
    • Students can then click on the apps on their Clever portal to open them.

Clever on iPads