• PDExpress is used to submit requests for professional development.  The system should be used for all professional development requests. 

    You must be in a Pembroke school building to access PDExpress: 

    Enter an Activity Request and Check its Status*  

    Choosing the Appropriate Form: 

    1. From the home screen, click “Request Activity” 
    2. For school year, select the second half of the school year (i.e. for 2018-2019 select 2019) 
    3. Under “type”, carefully select the correct type of professional development you are requesting.  The request form you choose will be based on your position.  Choose the form that matches your position and the type of PD activity for which you would like to request approval. 
    4. Enter the title of the course, workshop or conference.  Tip: it is also helpful to add the start date to the title.   
    5. Click Next. 
    6. Please read the “instructions” section at the top of the form for details about your request.  

    Completing the form: 

    1. Complete the form with as much detail as possible. Please note:  
    2. Any field with a bullet at the end is a required field.  
    3. You can click on the information bubble (i) for further information on some questions. 
    4. Descriptions and Registration forms must be attached: You can add attachments by clicking on “Attachments” at the end of the form.  If you are asking the administrative office to register you for a conference, please attach registration forms electronically whenever possible.  If registration is online, copy and paste the link under “Comments”.  If your registration form is only available on paper, please forward it to the superintendent’s office via interoffice mail after your activity request form is submitted. 
    5. While working on the form, you can save it and return to it at a later time.  Just click save at the bottom. 
    6. When the form is complete and you are ready to submit it for approval, click “Submit for Review” at the bottom of the form. If your form has been submitted, you will now see a “Withdraw” button in place of the submit button.  If you do not see the withdraw button, there are some fields that were required that were not filled in.  Those fields will have blue notation next to them.  Complete the required fields and click “Submit for Review”. 
    7. The form has been automatically routed to the first level of approval.  You can still “Withdraw” your request and make further changes until your request has been approved*.  

    *Important: after you receive approval on a PD request, you must enter your absence in SubFinder (if you will be absent from school to attend the PD.  

    Returning to a saved, but not submitted form: 

    1. To get back to a form you saved but didn’t submit, look in the Professional Development in Progress box. 
    2. Find the request you’d like to work on and click the title to open it.   

    Checking your approval status: 

    1. You will receive an email when your request is approved (or denied). 
    2. To check on the status of an approval, look in the Status column of the Professional Development in Progress box. 
    3. If you will be absent from school for an approved PD, be sure to log your absence in SubFinder.  

    *After you have completed any approved out of district professional development activity, be sure to send your payment receipt and college transcript or certificate of completion to the human resources office for reimbursement and/or PDP credit.  

    Register for an In-District Workshop  

    1. Click “In-District Workshops” - “In-District Workshops Catalog” 
    2. You can view the available workshops in a list or on the calendar 
    3. Click the title of the workshop you would like to register for 
    4. You will see details about the workshop on this page.  If handouts are available you can print them here (under Documents). 
    5. Click Register 
    6. Click Continue to confirm the registration 
    7. You can email yourself a confirmation of the registration  

    To view the workshop(s) you are registered for, click “My Information” – “In-District Workshops”.  

    Track Your PDP Progress  

    1. Click “My Information” 
    2. Click “Preferences” 
    3. Enter the date your license was issued. 
    4. Enter the date your license expires. 
    5. Enter the number of PDPs required to renew your license. 
    6. Click Save. 
    7. Now when you go to your home screen, your progress chart will track your progress toward obtaining your PDP goals.