• Although the college application process begins in the spring of the junior year, there are things students and parents can be doing along the way to be prepared. The Guidance Timeline will provide parents/caregivers and overview of expectations for each school year. The tasks that students should complete each school year is outlined, the schedule for Guidance Seminars and a schedule of post-secondary planning activities. This timeline will help students and parents stay on track and know what to expect each school year!

    Each school year the guidance counselors schedule seminars to discuss post-secondary planning. The 2022-2023 seminar schedule is as follows: 

    September: SENIORS/Post-Secondary Planning

    October: FRESHMEN - Guidance Overview and Graduation Requirements

    January: JUNIORS & SOPHOMORES - PSAT Results 

    February: JUNIORS Scheduling Seminars

    March: GRADES 8-10: Scheduling Seminars

    April: SENIORS/Senior Final Plans / Juniors Scoir & College/Career Planning

    May: SOPHOMORES - Scoir & Career Planning

    June: Scoir & College/Career Planning Follow-up Seminar

    JUNIORS and their parents/guardians are encouraged to review the Junior College Planning Timeline. (A pdf of the timeline is posted a the bottom of the page). The timeline provides a checklist of tasks the juniors should accomplish during the spring and summer if they are planning on applying to a 4-year college. This information will be reviewed in detail with all Juniors during the Guidance Seminar that will take place in February. 

    SOPHOMORES and their parents/guardians are encouraged to log into Scoir to conduct career searches & take personal inventory assessments such as the Career Interest Profiler and the Career Cluster Finder. Guidance counselors will hold Guidance Seminars in the spring to familiarize sophomores with Scoir. 



  • Students are encouraged to attend in-person and virtual college fairs. College representatives are often available LIVE to speak to and ask questions!

    College fairs allow students and families to:

    • Watch videos and download materials helpful for your decision-making process
    • Ask questions!
    • No matter where you are in the college search process, you can learn more about your options here!
    • Students do not have to be a senior to attend!! 

    Listed below are some links to register/attend College Fairs:

    NEACAC College Fairs



  • Students that are interested in attending a trade school, joining a union, or taking a gap year should review the helpful websites/resources listed below: 

    Massachusetts Building Trades Council - Learn about local unions & apprenticeships. - provides access to vocational education for those interested in starting new jobs, or gaining additional skills in their current ones.

    Post-Secondary Options - For a list of non-4 year college options including certificate & associate degree programs view this helpful Google Document.

    Gap Year Association - Learn what a gap year is if it is right for you, and available programs.