Night Shift Custodians Job Description

  • The essential functions or duties listed below are illustrations of the type of work that is performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position of the work if similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.

    Daily Duties:

    1. Walk grounds and pick up trash.
    2. All trash collection in your designated area.
    3. Cleaning of schools and other miscellaneous tasks around the school building/property.
    4. Wash drinking fountains.
    5. Replace burnt fluorescent tubes and damaged ceiling tiles as needed or directed.
    6. Move furniture as needed or directed.
    7. As needed, receive deliveries & ensure that they are delivered to final destination.
    8. Emergency calls and clean ups.
    9. Take thirty minute lunch as time allows.
    10. Cleaning of bathrooms in your designated area (see procedures).
    11. Check SchoolDude for work orders.
    12. Dry mop and spot wash corridors in your designated area.
    13. Sweep and vacuum stairs and ramps in your designated area.
    14. Remove gum and graffiti.
    15. Clean and disinfect School Nurse’s office, if part of your designated area.
    16. Wipe down all crash bars and handles on doors.
    17. Dry mop gymnasium (if in your area).
    18. Clean teachers’ dining room if part of your designated area.
    19. Secure the building.

    Daily Classroom Cleaning Checklist:

    1. Trash removal.
    2. Dry mop.
    3. Spot wash.
    4. Vacuum area rugs that are used for nap time (elementary schools).
    5. Vacuum other rugs as needed or directed.

    Weekly Duties:

    1. 1. Hallways:
      1. Wash walls
      2. Remove old signage, staples and tape not previously removed by school faculty.
      3. Dust ledges and door frames.
      4. Vacuum vents.
      5. Clean glass surfaces.
      6. Dust tops of lockers (school specific).

    Monthly Duties:

    1. Sweep and vacuum storage/supply rooms.
    2. Clean custodial closets and organize custodial carts.
    3. Clean, dust and vacuum windows and sills.

    Business Office Area (North Pembroke Elem.):

    1. Daily duties:
      1. Trash removal
      2. Clean bathrooms (see procedures).
    2. 2. Weekly duties:
      1. Vacuum area
      2. Dust and vacuum all ledges, sills and wash glass.

    Seasonal Duties:

    1. Snow removal as needed.