Day Shift Custodians Job Description

  • The essential functions or duties listed below are illustrations of the type of work that is performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position of the work if similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.

    Daily Duties:

    1. Pick up any trash & debris at all entrances including the loading dock area, dumpsters and recycling bins.
    2. Open and prepare building for school day; lock building down.
    3. Check boiler room and heating/cooling units (web control).
    4. Empty trash from breakfast and clean cafeteria as needed.
    5. Ensure flag is up and in correct position.
    6. As directed, perform work orders by principal or designee.
    7. Replace burnt fluorescent tubes and damages ceiling tiles as needed or directed.
    8. Move furniture as needed or directed.
    9. As needed, receive deliveries & ensure that they are delivered to final destination.
    10. Emergency calls and clean ups.
    11. Keep loading dock are and custodial office area neat and clean at all times.
    12. Clean glass surface at main entrance.
    13. Vacuum area rugs daily.
    14. Take thirty minute lunch as time allows.
    15. Check SchoolDude for work orders.
    16. Maintain hallways, pick up trash, and wash floor and dry mop as needed.
    17. Monitor the cleanliness of the bathrooms throughout the day, clean as needed.
    18. Wash drinking fountains.
    19. (PHS) Sweep main stairs in atrium; clean and maintain auditorium.

    Lunch Program:

    1. Set up barrels and mop bucket in cafeteria,
    2. Empty trash and mop spills as needed.
    3. At the conclusion of lunch:
      1. Clean cafeteria;
      2. Sweep/machine wash floor;
      3. Wash barrels out, wash down walls, sills, counters, ledges and areas around vending machines;
      4. Repeat step 2 for teachers’ dining room, if part of your designated area.

    Monthly Duties:

    1. Wash cafeteria windows.
    2. Preventative maintenance on rooftop units and uni-vents, replace filters & belts as well as grease. Keep all roof drains clear.

    Seasonal Duties:

    1. Grass cutting (see procedures).
    2. Snow removal as directed/required.