Pembroke Integrated Preschool Program



    The Pembroke Public Schools' Preschool is a well-respected early childhood program option within the community. The interdisciplinary team of early childhood special educators, physical therapist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapist provides a spectrum of early childhood services to eligible and tuition students within an integrated preschool model. Together the early childhood team continues their implementation of the Mass DOE Early Childhood Curriculum Standards (Early Learning Guidelines), including the use of both formal and informal assessment tools to document student progress and inform instructional decisions.

    The Integrated Preschool is designed to educate young children with a variety of learning styles and abilities. The program is dedicated to providing all children with opportunities to access a developmentally appropriate curriculum within their community. The program builds self-esteem, nurtures creativity, and engages children in challenging learning experiences at their developmental level. Parents and staff work in a collaborative manner to support each child’s strengths and needs in all areas of development.

    Children with identified special needs attend the program at no cost. Community peers are charged a tuition fee.


    The school district conducts screenings for three and four year olds when referred by parents, caregivers, and/or private pre-schools.  This screening reviews a child’s development and assists in identifying children who may need a referral for a special education evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services. Call the Office of Student Services at 781-826-8740 for further information.



Preschool Hours