Pembroke School Lunch Charge Policy

  • The Pembroke School District is aware of the important role that nutrition plays in maintaining good health and learning.  Our Foodservice Department takes pride in serving nutritious meals to our students daily.

    We understand that parents are busy and may occasionally forget to pack a lunch or send in money; however the number of students with a negative balance has grown significantly over the past couple of years.  The School Lunch Program is self-funded and needs to operate in a financially responsible manner.  Unpaid meal charges place a financial strain on our nutritional program.

    Each student has access to a cafeteria account by using their student I.D. number.  All transactions require student I.D. numbers for tracking purposes, even if the student is paying with cash.  If you need your student’s ID number, please contact your school.

    No student will be deprived of a meal due to insufficient, forgotten or lost meal money.  However, any items a la carte, such as snacks, chips, or ice cream cannot be charged to an account with a zero or negative balance nor can they be purchased using cash by anyone with a negative balance.  Please note; elementary students with negative lunch balances will receive fruit instead of the featured snack for snack time in the classroom.

    Parents or guardians are encouraged to deposit money in advance on their student’s account using which accepts credit cards, debit cards, and eChecks from your checking account.  Payments by check or cash are accepted by any cafeteria cashier.

    If financial hardship occurs, families are advised to apply for the free/reduced meals program anytime during the school year.  The form is available on to complete electronically through School Office Pro.  There is also a printable version available on our website and at the main office of all of our schools.  The Free/Reduced Meal Application is available to all families throughout the school year.

    Foodservices send negative balance letters home with report cards for K-6 and at the end of the year.  Negative balance alerts are noted on progress reports for grades 9-12.  Negative email balance alerts are sent weekly districtwide.  Additionally, phone calls are made, as often as possible, to parents/guardians of students with negative accounts of $25.00 or more.

    All balances should be settled throughout the school year. Negative accounts will not be carried over into the next school year.  Failure to pay a negative lunch balance will result in your student not being allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities such as sports, dances, etc.  Graduating seniors must pay all charges in full to participate in graduation ceremonies.  Payment plans are available for families that qualify.  Any unpaid balances are forwarded to Town Hall for collections after Foodservices has exhausted all efforts.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

    Cindy Lucas-Terra
    Director of Foodservice
    72 Pilgrim Road
    Pembroke, MA 02359
    (339) 244-5045