What’s for lunch?

    Our monthly lunch menu is posted on our website by clicking For Parents > Menus. The daily lunch menu is announced each morning during Morning Announcements. Lunch block (block 5) consists of three different lunch times (1st 10:42-11:07; 2nd 11:14-11:39 and 3rd 11:46-12:11). Lunch schedules are posted in the cafeteria and throughout the school showing which teachers are assigned to which lunch (first, second or third). To determine which lunch a student is assigned, students follow the teacher schedule; i.e., if a student is in Mr. Smith’s class for lunch block and Mr. Smith is scheduled for 3rd lunch, the student has 3rd lunch. The student would therefore have Mr. Smith from 10:42 until 11:46 then the student would be dismissed to go to lunch. Following 3rd lunch, students would then report to block 6. If a student has 1st lunch, the student goes directly to the cafeteria at 10:42 and has lunch until 11:07; when lunch dismisses, the student then reports to block 5 classroom. Students can choose where they want to sit in the lunchroom. When they enter the cafeteria, the students wait at their lunch table until told by a teacher that they can enter the lunch line. There are two lunch lines: the one on the right is for the hot meal and the one on the left is for the salad bar. Students go through the lunch lines to make their food and beverage choices and pay the cashier when they exit. Students can clear their trays at any time, and all students are dismissed by table by a teacher.


    How do I use the locker room?

    Students enter their PE class through the gymnasium and go into their respective locker rooms (boys/girls). Students can go to their assigned PE locker to get their gym clothes. If students are already dressed in gym attire (sweatpants, shorts, sneakers) then they do not need to change clothes. Students must wear sneakers in order to participate in PE class. Once all students enter the gymnasium, their PE teacher will take attendance and begin class. PE classes are held every other school day for the entire school year. 

    What if I cannot participate in PE class due to an injury?

    By Massachusetts State Law, it is required that all students take physical education. Any student wishing to be excused for the day from physical education class for health reasons should bring a note from his/her
    parent/caregiver and present it to the nurse at the start of the school day. The nurse will communicate any health related absences and/or restrictions to the physical education teacher. A note from the child’s physician must be submitted to request long-term excuses.


    What is PowerSchool?

    PowerSchool is our online student information system. Parents can set up an account to view their child’s grades and review upcoming tests and homework. The access code to set up your account is mailed home each summer before the start of school. Instructions on setting up an account can be found on our website under PCMS Information. Once an account is set up, parents will be able to do the following: (a) You can “drill down” to a more detailed view of the grade breakdown by double clicking on the term grade. (b) You can monitor your child’s grades by having them automatically sent to you each week by your child’s teachers. (c ) You can link all of your children’s accounts together under one account so you can check all of them from the one parent account.

    I lost my PowerSchool login information, how can I get a new one?

    Please contact guidance secretary Mary Sheehan for the PowerSchool login information. For security reasons, we are not allowed to give account information by phone or email so a visit to the school is necessary. A student who has a question about his/her PowerSchool login should see Mrs. Sheehan in the guidance office. 

    What is honors and high honors status?

    To attain High Honor Roll status, a student must receive an A- or better in all subjects. To attain Honor Roll status, a student must receive a B- or better in all subjects. All grades in the academic and elective classes count towards the overall average. Honor roll status is acknowledged each semester. We have two end-of-the-year celebrations after the third marking period. Students who maintain their high honors status for at least two out of the first three terms will be invited to a high honors celebration. Students who maintain honors status for at least two out
    of the first three terms will be invited to an honors celebration.

    I didn’t write my homework in my agenda, where can I find it online?

    PCMS teachers forecast homework assignments, tests and quizzes on PowerSchool. Also, many teachers use websites such as Edmodo to communicate what is expected for their students. Students are encouraged to communicate with fellow classmates if they need information on homework assignments.


    How do I sign up for a weekly newsletter?

    If you are a parent of a Pembroke student, you do not need to sign up to receive school-related emails. If you have provided your email address to your child(ren)'s school, you will receive school-related emails automatically. If you are not a parent of a current student, you can sign up to receive newsletters and school-related emails by clicking Community > Broadcast Emails.

    My child’s home sick. Should I call the school to report it like I did in elementary school? Do I need to send a note in the next day?

    It is requested that a parent/caregiver call the school on the day of absence (781.293.8627) prior to 8:00 a.m. The absence can be reported to the main office or the school nurse. The student should return to school with an absence note from a parent/caregiver giving date, reason for the absence, and phone number for confirming the absence. This note, including the student’s full name, must be provided in addition to a phone call to notify the school of the absence. In cases of chronic or irregular absence of five consecutive days due to illness, the principal may request a physician’s statement certifying that the prolonged absence is justified.

    I need to pick up my child early for an appointment. Should I send a note
    into school?

    When a student arrives in the morning, he/she must bring a note from parents/caregivers to the office to include the student’s full name, the time of dismissal and the name of the person dismissing the student. The student will be called to the main office when the person dismissing the student has arrived. The person dismissing the student will sign the student out in the Dismissal Log in the front office. Identification will be required of the person signing a student out of the building. If there are any court decisions or documentation which restricts dismissal to only certain identified adults, the school will need to receive a copy of this information. Students should not text their parents/caregivers to pick them up due to illness. Instead, students should report to the school nurse who will assess the situation and notify the parents/caregivers.

    How can I find what “day” it is on the rotation schedule?

    We have a six-day rotation schedule. The numbered day is posted each day on PowerSchool under the “Daily Bulletin” link. Teachers have the numbered day displayed in their classrooms as well.


    I am going to drive my child to school. Where are the drop off/pick up locations?

    Drop off/pick up locations are at the main entrance which is to the right facing the school building. Parents can drop off students in the parking lot or use the cul-de-sac. Parents do not need to come into the building when dropping off students. If you are picking up your student during school hours (prior to 1:48 p.m.), you will need to come into the school to sign your student out (please refer to dismissal procedures above). If you are picking up your student during after-school hours: prior to 2:48 p.m., come in to the school for dismissal so we can call your student to the office for dismissal; after 2:48 p.m., all students will be dismissed so there is no need to come into the school.

    What happens if my child is late for school?

    Students are considered tardy if they arrive after 7:30 a.m. Tardy students must check in at the main office, sign the tardy book stating the time and reason for tardiness and obtain a hall pass to enter class. Students report to their scheduled classes even if there is only a minute left so that they can get make-up work. Tardiness is not excused. Excessive tardiness will be addressed in the following manner: students may receive an administrative detention or a one-day, in-school suspension.

    How early can I drop my child off at school?

    Students who are driven to school can be dropped off at any time after 6:30 a.m., and they can wait outside or in the front lobby until school opens at 7:15 a.m.


    Is there a way to find out when my child can stay after school for extra help?

    Every teacher stays at least one night a week to provide extra help for students. Extra help runs from 1:48 p.m. to 2:48 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. If your child could use some extra support, please encourage him/her to stay for extra help. The schedule for extra help can be found on our website under “Parents&Students>PCMS Late Night Schedule.” The late night schedule will be posted the first week of school.

    Are there free after school clubs? What are they and when do they meet?

    A list of the 2015-2016 PCMS School Clubs can be found on our school website under “PCMS Clubs”. Information regarding which clubs are running on what days can also be found on the Daily Bulletin link on PowerSchool. This list will be generated and sign-ups for these clubs will occur during the first few weeks of school. All of the information needed will be communicated with students and families.

    PCMS offers a Homework/Organization Club that runs every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for one hour after school. Students are encouraged to stay after school to complete their homework. The club is monitored by guidance counselors and meets in the library. Students who plan to attend should go to the library following dismissal (there is no need to sign up beforehand) and should spend the full hour there (1:48 to 2:48 p.m.).

    What are late buses and what are the procedures? How do these late buses work? Is there an extra cost?

    Late buses are available on late nights (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays) to those students who own bus passes. Students who plan to ride the late buses must present their passes to the bus drivers in order to board the late buses. Students who stay after school meet in the cafeteria following late night dismissal where they are supervised until the late buses arrive which is generally between 3:00 and 3:10 p.m. Late bus routes are posted on the website. The late night supervisor will assist students with questions concerning the late bus routes. The PPS’s Transportation Manager is Lori Jacobs, and she can be reached at (781) 829-0832.


    Do students need their own laptops, iPads or cell phones in the middle school?

    Most of our classrooms have wireless capabilities. Many teachers use technology within their lessons. Students are encouraged to bring in a device that has wireless capabilities, but it is not required. PCMS is not responsible for any personal items that are lost, misplaced or stolen.

    What are the (personal use) personal device/Wi-Fi rules?

    Students should only be using their electronic devices if and when their teachers give them permission. Students are not allowed to use their electronic devices in the hallways, in the locker rooms or in bathrooms

    My child’s teacher said the textbook is online. How can I access it? 

    The math online textbook can be accessed through: www.pearsonsuccessnet.com.

    Math is a harder subject for my child. Is there are way to access some free online tutorials?

    There are a number of very useful websites for students and parents to access. Here is a list of some that are used at PCMS: Tenmarks, Kahn Academy, MangaHigh.

    Where can I find the student handbook?

    Go to the PCMS website, click For Students>Student Handbook.


    My child is really stressed about knowing how to open a combination lock. Is there a way to video that show how they work?

    Click here to view a tutorial video on "How to Open a Combination Lock".

    My teacher wants me to cover my textbooks and I have no idea how to do it.

    Click here to view a tutorial video on "How to Cover a Textbook With a Paper Sack".

    My child forgot his homework. Can I drop it off at school?

    If your child forgets any materials (e.g., books, homework, lunch, musical instrument), parents are welcome to drop the item(s) off at the front office. Materials should be labeled with the student’s name. Items will be placed on the pick-up table located in the front office. Students will not be called to the office; instead, students are encouraged to pick up the materials any time between classes or during their lunch break.

    My child just got his new schedule and hates all of his electives. Is there any way to see if they can be changed?

    If your child has questions about their electives or would like to get them changed, he/she can see their guidance counselor. If there is room or different options in your child’s elective block, then every
    attempt will be made to make sure your child has elective(s) that they have requested.

    I hear talk about Team 1 and Team 2 – what does that mean? Is that just 7th grade or both years?

    Pembroke elementary students transition from their neighborhood schools to a community middle school. As your child progresses from a primary classroom with often only a few teachers and
    classmates to a school where they will experience many different teachers and classmates, the structure has been made to build a smaller community for students during this transitional year;
    therefore, smaller teams of teachers and students have been developed to successfully support students as they transition to the middle school.

    There are two seventh grade teams (7.1 & 7.2) which consist of approximately 125 students. The four teachers they will see daily for English, math, science and social studies are their “team
    teachers”. Team classes are clustered to be physically near each other. Student lockers are located near their team teachers. There are no teams in the 8th grade as the structure follows the high school model.

    When can I visit my locker?

    Locker breaks vary according to teams and grades. Your teachers will provide you with a schedule of locker breaks.


    What is homeroom and why is it important?

    Students can enter the building and go to their lockers and homerooms at 7:15 each morning. Homeroom lasts until 7:30. During this time, daily attendance is taken, a breakfast snack can be eaten, handouts are distributed, and announcements are made over the school’s PA system. These announcements include the Pledge of Allegiance, the date and numbered day, the daily lunch menu, and news about clubs, sports, upcoming dances, etc. If a student is not present during homeroom (and is therefore absent or tardy), the above information and any handouts are missed.


    What is School Office Pro?

    If you have not already done so, please log into School Office Pro (SOP) and complete and submit the online fall registration packets for your child(ren). For all students who have already been registered in the district, you will use the “Current Student” section, and all forms will be prepopulated with the information we already have on file for your child(ren). You will be asked to verify that this information is correct and to make any changes where necessary. It is important that we have up-to-date emergency contact and health information for your child(ren) on file. The fall packets also include several important permission forms such as the “Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Agreement,” which needs to be signed each year for every student to allow use of school computers for internet-based projects. If you have moved, or need to change the address we have on file, please contact our school’s main office to make that change. You will access SOP not only to submit the fall registration packet, but also to sign up for bus transportation, school sports, etc.

    In addition to updating School Office Pro, please also log into the PowerSchool parent portal and review your contact information and any settings you want to have for receiving the automated emails about your child(ren)’s grades. These systems function differently, so it is a good idea for you to review the information in School Office Pro and PowerSchool.