South Shore Vocational Technical High School      


    Bus #7


    Times are approximate and will be adjusted after the first 2 weeks of school

    Routes are subject to change due to ridership. Student should be out waiting for the bus.  Students can go to any stop.


      Leave lot 5:55am (first stop 6:05am)

      Right on Plain St

      Left on Valley St

      Left on Forest St

      Right on High St (end of street)

      Left on Taylor St (straight across Rt 53) (across Rt 14)

      Left on Beverly St (turnaround)

     STOP @ corner of Taylor St #102   ~6:05am

      Right on Taylor St

      Right on Rt 14 

      Straight across Rt 53 Congress St

      Left on Old Washington St

    STOP @ Village Way ~6:08am

      Left on High St

    STOP across from church (white house)  # 421 High~ 6:09am

       End of road right on Rt 53

       Right on Birch St

    STOP @ corner of Harvard & Birch St  ~ 6:13am

       Right at end Pelham St.

       Left on Plain St.

       Left on Lake St.  (store across from bus lot)

       Left on School St. RT. 27

       Right into Pembroke Junior High School (PICK-UP)~ 6:16am

       Left out of school RT. 27

       Right on Monroe St

       Left on Hobomock St

       Left on Mill St

    STOP @ # 19    ~ 6:19am                                                                       

      Left @ stop Sign  (Center St – Rt 36 )

    STOP @ corner of West & Center St  ~ 6:21am

      Right @ lights Rt 27

    STOP  @   Bryantville Fire Station  ~ 6:21am

      Right  @ light  on Mattakeesett St.

    STOP   @Mattakeesett St. @ Raymond Ave. ~ 6:22am

      Right at roundabout Rt. 14

    STOP    Lindy's  (store)  ~ 6:23am

      Left on Wampatuck St

      Right on Oldham St

      Left on West Elm St

      Right on Milbery St   (turnaround)

      Left on West Elm St

    STOP @ # 178 West Elm ~ 6:27am

      Left Oldham St

      Left on Rt 14

    STOP @ Corner of High St & Rt 14  ~6:29am

      Left @ lights  Rt 53 

    STOP @ North Pembroke Post Office stay on Rt. 53 straight ~ 6:30am

      Right @ lights Rt. 139

    Stop # 183 Schoosett St.  (Rt.139) Yellow house  ~ 6:34am

      Right on Oak St   (Mobil Station & Dunkin Donuts )

      Left on Pembroke Woods Dr

    STOP @ corner Winter St   ~ 6:37am

      Right on Winter St

      Right on Oak St

      Left @ lights

      Right on Cross St.  (first street after lights)

      Left @ fork (STOP) Water St.   ~ 6:40am


     Continue to school

      Right on Rt. 139                                                               

      Right @ lights Rt.53 stay straight into Hanover (Assinippi Store)

      Left @ lights Rt. 123 (Webster St.)  

      Left into school



                        South Shore Vocational Technical  High School             Pg.1

                         2018-2019    BUS #7 PM         Be at school 2:15 pm.      


    Right out of school

      Right  @ lights  Rt. 53 stay straight into Pembroke

      Left @ lights Rt. 139 Schoosett St.

    STOP  #183 Schoosett St.  (yellow house)

      Right on Oak St.   (Mobil Station Dunkin Donuts )

      Left on Pembroke Woods Drive

    STOP @ corner Winter St.

      Right on Winter St.

      Right on Oak St.

      Left @ Lights

      Right on Cross St.  (first St. after lights )

      Left @ fork   (STOP)    Water St.   continue to end

      Right on Rt 139

      Left on Water St.

    STOP @ end of street North Pembroke Post Office

      Left Rt. 53

      Right @ lights Rt. 14 Barker St.

    STOP @ corner of  HIGH ST & RT 14    (CROSSOVER)

      Right on Oldham St.

      Right on West Elm St.

      Right on Milbery St.

      Left on West Elm

    STOP # 178 West Elm St.

      Right on Oldham

      Left on Wampatuck St.

      Right at end of road   Rt. 14   Mattakeesett St.

    STOP @ Lindy's  (store)   ( crossover )            go around roundabout   

      Left  on  Mattakeesett St.                                                            Pg. 2 PM

    Stop @  Mattakeesett St. @ Raymond Ave.    (CROSSOVER)

      Left at lights Rt. 27

    STOP  @ Bryantville Fire Station        (CROSSOVER)

    STOP @ corner of Elmer & Rt. 27

      Left @ lights Center St.   Rt.36

    STOP @ corner of West St.   (CROSSOVER)

      Right on Mill ST.

    STOP # 19 Mill St.     (CROSSOVER)

      Right on Hobomock St.

      Right on Monroe St.

      Left on Rt. 27

      Right into Pembroke Middle School (DROP OFF )

      Left on Rt. 27

      Right on Lake St.

      Right on Plain St.  (corner store)

    Stop @ corner of Oakland Square Dr.

      Right on Pelham St.

      Left on Birch St.

    STOP @ corner HARVARD St. & BIRCH ST.

      Left at end of road Rt. 53

      Left on High St.     (1st left after Franklin St.)

    STOP #421 High St.  (across from church)

      Right on Old Washington St.

    STOP @ Village Way  (CROSSOVER)

    STOP @ 128 Old Washinton St.

      Right at end Rt. 53

      Left on Congress ST    RT. 14

      Left on Taylor St.

      Left on Beverly St. (turnaround)

    STOP @ corner Beverly & Taylor St.  #102 Taylor St.