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Cohort D MCAS- Grades 3-6

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,

    I hope this letter finds you and your families safe and healthy. As I mentioned in a previous communication, I am updating our fully remote families regarding MCAS Testing.  MCAS testing occurs in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and for grade 5 only-Science. Due to the shortened nature of the school year, MCAS testing is greatly reduced with just one session in each subject area. Please note that MCAS testing is a state requirement. These test results, combined with the more comprehensive assessments in the classroom, offer parents a rich picture of their child’s development.  The testing schedule appears below and is aligned (exception-grade 6) with the MCAS testing schedule of the building in which your child’s teacher is located.  

    MCAS Testing Schedule-Cohort D 

    Grade 3 

    • May 18-ELA Test 
    • May 27-Math Test

    Grade 4

    • May 13-ELA Test
    • May 26-Math Test

    Grade 5 

    • May 12-ELA Test 
    • May 25-Math Test 
    • June 3-Science Test

    Grade 5 Grade 6

    • May 19-ELA Test
    • June 4-Math Te

    In order to preserve test validity and reliability, it is incredibly important that you do not help your child in any way with the test. Teachers will provide assistance to students in accessing the test, explaining directions, re-reading or repeating directions and teachers will remain available throughout the testing period via Google Meet if students have any procedural questions. As the guidelines from DESE state, any undue assistance violates test validity and state testing policies—making the test useless in determining where students have learning strengths and where more practice and instruction are necessary. My sincere thanks in advance for not providing coaching or undue assistance with the MCAS test. 

    MCAS test logistical and login information will be provided by your child’s teacher as we get closer to the tests. Students will also have the opportunity to practice the test with input and feedback from their teachers. As always, if I may be of any further assistance whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact me. 



    Dr. Mark N. Galligan

    Interim Principal

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